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Linetex Vinyl

LINETEX®  V I N Y Llinetex prestige

Spradling® presents a timeless design, inspired by the natural  beauty of linen fibres and its innate refreshing functionality, especially during the summer season.
Linetex® – a new Coated Fabric that transports us into the raw essence of design, combined with superb heat reflecting functionality. This coated fabric offers a pleasing touch thanks to Permacool, our latest industry leading technology, that helps to stop surfaces over heating even during the year’s sunniest days!


  • PERMABLOK3®PLUS Protective coating engineered to create an effective barrier against germs, abrasions, and stains.
  • PERMACOOL Comfort Techology- 

    It is common knowledge that heat from the sun can make dark surfaces feel much hotter than lighter ones. And when it is sunny outside, dark surfaces heat up even faster when there are no clouds to get in the way. This is the reason why, sometimes, Outdoor, Marine & Automotive design and development teams avoid selecting dark colours, as they reach excessive temperatures that inhibit proper comfort for the end user.

  • Hi-Loft²™ Backing is a specialty knitted textile manufactured with 100% polyester yarns aimed at creating a backing with bulk, strength, and unusual softness. When combined with a vinyl surface, an extremely soft hand quality is achieved without sacrificing product performance.
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance > 100,000 cycles Martindale


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