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Arcade FR PVC

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A R C A D E   F R   P V C

Arcade FR is Flame Retardant PVC coated polyester, this fabric provides the following advantages:

  • Lightweight (500g/m²) to retain its suppleness and to facilitate shaping and tautness
  • Excellent UV resistance for longevity
  • 302 cm width to minimise seams (more aesthetically pleasing)

Cleangard® topcoat finish and Lowick System Treatment to facilitate ease of maintenance.

Cleangard® Features:

  • Longer life to the PVC due to a tough and glossy finish

  • Smoother surface making it less prone to soiling

  • Easier to clean due to less soiling and withstands frequent cleaning

  • All weather resistant and excellent weldability

Patented Lowick System Features:fabriqu en france

  • Considerably reduces micro-organism penetration into the heart of coated fabric
  • Creates capillarity blockades throughout the coated fabric, halting migration
  • Blocks wicking - No air, No humidity



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