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Arcade FR PVC
  A R C A D E   F R   P V C Arcade FR is Flame Retardant PVC coated polyester, this fabric provides the following advantages: Lightweight (500g/m²) to retain its suppleness and to facilitate shaping and tautness Excellent UV resistance for longevity 302 ..
Dicoplan PVC
     D I C O P L A N  P V C Dicoplan is a PVC coated fabric, 680 g/m², two-side lacquered. Extremely flat and supple, even at low temperatures. Good mechanical resistance and weldable.Ideal for multiple industrial applications. Cleangard® topcoat finish and Lowick Sy..
      L A C   6 4 0   P V C LAC 640 is a PVC coated fabric, 640 g/m², two-side lacquered.Cost effective. Excellent weldability. Ideal for multiple applications. Cleangard® topcoat finish and Lowick System Treatment to facilitate ease of maintena..
L A C  6 5 0  S L  P V C LAC 650 SL is a Flame Retardant light diffusing PVC coated polyester fabric designed for sun protection with an excellent UV barrier. Developed for static or dynamic use.Excellent protection against the sun, rain and wind. Cleangard® topcoat finish ..
   L A C   9 0 0   P V C LAC 900 is a PVC coated fabric, 900 g/m², two-side lacquered.Very high mechanical strength. Cleangard® topcoat finish and Lowick System Treatment to facilitate ease of maintenance. Cleangard® Features: Longer life to the P..
Stam 6002
SERGE FERRARIS T A M   6 0 0 2 STAM 6002 composite membrane is a high-performance material for diverse lightweight structures providing great flexibility for easy handling with benefits of a state-of-the-art Matt PVDF surface finish to minimise unwanted glare while providing exceptional r..
Stamoid Heavy
SERGE FERRARIS T A M O I D   H E A V Y   C O V E R Stamoid Heavy Cover Vinyl offers the best weight to strength ratio on the market for protecting your boat and marine equipment. Stamoid fabrics are renowned across the marine industry as the toughest and most reliable under all..
Stamoid Light
SERGE FERRARIS T A M O I D    L I G H  T   C O V E R  Stamoid Light Cover is ideal for protecting valuable equipment on any marine craft. Its ultra-lightweight construction and single side coating combine toughness, versatility and the ability to fold covers..
Stamoid Pure
SERGE FERRARIS T A M O I D   P U R E Stamoid Pure is a lightweight and durable flexible composite material designed specifically for polluted environments in the marine industry. Used for a variety of applications, including Bimini tops, cockpit enclosures, sprayhoods, equipment covers a..
Stamoid Top
SERGE FERRARIS T A M O I D   T O P   M A R I N E   V I N Y L  Stamoid Top vinyl coated polyester marine fabrics offer outstanding features for a wide range of exterior marine applications. Stamoid Top is vinyl coated on both sides for extra strength and provides a..

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