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Apollo 2028 - Cyberbond Adhesive
Apollo 2028 is a single component medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive.  Fast setting and ideal for rubber and plastic bonding applications. Apollo 2028 is recommended for use with Makrolon AR2 and Stamoid PVC's. Available in 20ml and 50ml bottles Download: Technical Data Sheet Note: It ..
Bungee / Shock Cord
BUNGEE / SHOCK CORD   Size (mm) Material Colour Roll (m)         3.17 Polypropylene Black 30.48 4.76 Polypropylene   Black 30.48 4.76 Polypropylene Black 152.50 6.35 Polypropylene Black 30.48 7.93 Polypropylene B..
Cord Locks
Cord Locks   Diameter    Type   Colour          7 603 Barrell    Black 6 654 Ball Black   ..
Dickson PVC Reinforcing Strip
Dickson PVC Reinforcing Strip. Use to strengthen the edges of PVC and Canvas. 640GSM   COLOUR WIDTH ROLL LENGTH Black 50mm/100mm 30m White 50mm/100mm 30m                ..
End Zipper Pulls
End Zipper Pulls   Size Type Colour           38mm    647      Black & White    38mm 680 Black & White    ..
Fineline Cord
F I N E L I N E   B R A I D E D   M A R I N E   C O R D Fineline Marine has been designing and manufacturing world class cordage products since 1937.  Made in New Zealand, Fineline Marine has continued to produce cordage at the highest standards with the finest qu..
Foam Anchor
  The patented Foam Anchor is a powerful magnetic attachment designed to be fitted within the foam layer of squabs or seat cushions. After installation the Anchor sits beneath the fabric and invisible to the naked eye. Squabs can easily and firmly secure themselves to the stainless steel co..
Giant Suction Cap
Giant Suction Cap   Rated to hold 5.44 kg. Diameter: 8.26 cm at rest / 9.53 cm in use 0.32 cm diameter pilot hole (head) 0.48 cm pilot hole (neck) A space saving “double-duty” well-suited to window displays and marine screen covers. Installations: Mush Head, place in hot water for 1 minute to..
Keder Solutions
         What is Keder? Keder consists of two parts: a core and fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC, or another elastic material, to allow flexibility. The core is then wrapped in Keder fabric, which has exposed fibers on the outside to allow the Keder to eas..
Ladder Locks
Ladder Locks   25mm Classic Black 25mm Heavy Duty Black   ..
Lock Block
Lock Block   Dimensions: 44m x 44m x 16mm   ..
  Groz-Beckert 135 x 17 SAN Gebedur Needles Gebedur Titanium Nitride coated needles for technical textiles: SD Needle: Small cutting point which partially cuts then pushes fibres out of the way. RG Needle: Round point with universal processing possibilities. Allows t..
PE Patterning
A lightweight semi-transparent PE fabric. PE Patterning can be used for patterning and wrapping. It is not UV stabilised. TYPE WEIGHT WIDTH ROLL LENGTH Pattern XX 102gsm 183cm 91.44m Pattern XX 102gsm 366cm 45.72m Translucent 150gsm 183cm 50m Translucent 150gs..
Single Side Release Buckles
Single Side Release Buckles Size (mm)    Colour    19 Black 25 White 38 Black 51 Black  ..
Squab Mate
Non-woven Polypropylene material with a water resistant lamination in the middle. Can be used as dust covers under furniture and a base underneath interior squabs and workbench coverings. Not advised for use outdoors. COLOUR WEIGHT WIDTH ROLL LENGTH         ..
Stainless Steel Slide Bar Adjuster
Stainless Steel Slide Bar Adjuster 25mm and 50mm     Nylon Bar Adjuster 25mm ..
Stamoid Edge Binding
S T A M O I D   E D G E Double Fold binding is made from Stamoid Light 4128 composite textile.  FEATURES: Genuine bias cut at 45° Heat-folded hems on each side Fabric edges are protected against wear and moisture penetration Extremely supple and malleable, it hugs any shap..
Sunbrella Centrefold Binding
S U N B R E L L A   C E N T R E F O L D   B I N D I N G Woven using 100% Sunbrella acrylic fibers.  The centrefold binding naturally fold in the centre allowing for an easy application. VIEW SUNBRELLA CENTREFOLD BINDING COLOURS BELOW: {gallery}sunbrella_centrefold_bindin..
Sunbrella Double Fold Binding
S U N B R E L L A   D O U B L E   F O L D   B I N D I N G Made from Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric, this Double Fold Binding give your canvas project the same amazing Sunbrella features:   100% Solution Dyed Acrylic UV and Fade Resistant Mold and Mildew ..
S411V2 Double Sided Clear PET Red Film High Temp Acrylic Tape Product Code Size Per Carton Colour TAP-411-6 6mm 36 Rolls Clear TAP-411-9 9mm 25 Rolls Clear TAP-411-12 12mm 20 Rolls Clear TAP-411-25 25mm 8 Rolls Clear    S405 ..

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