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Dee Rings
S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   D E E   R I N G S DEE RINGS Part Number Size Length 66530 5mm 30mm 66535 5mm 35mm 66635 6mm 35mm 66750 7mm 50mm ..
Directional Fasteners
ONE WAY PULL DIRECTIONAL FASTENERS Description Colour         Cap - 4.36mm (11/64”) Brass/Nickel   Socket Brass/Nickel   Stud Brass/Nickel   Screw Stud - 9.52mm(3/8”) with Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screw Brass/Nick..
Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts
S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   E Y E   B O L T S   &   N U T S Eye Bolt - DIN 580 Part Number D(mm) B(mm) L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Breaking Load (kgs) 78008 8 36 13 20 36 2000 78010 10 45 17 25 45 260..
Fastener Stud Reversible G148
Fastener Stud Reversible G148 Piggie Back   When superior snap action and holding strength is needed, DOT button snaps are the fastener to use.Self-piercing so no pre-punching is required.Snap fastener's heavy duty construction assures a firm grip that will remain secure through years of use...
Lag Eye Screw
STAINLESS STEEL LAG EYE SCREW LAG EYE SCREW Part Number Size Length 99091 6mm 60mm ..
Marine Deck Mounts
A I S I   3 1 6   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   D E C K   M O U N T S Flat Mount Plate   Part Number Base Size Bolt Size 30086 22 x 51mm (1 1/4") 31.75mm   Adjustable Deck Hinge with Bolt  ..
Marine Jaw Slides
S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   J A W   S L I D E S AISI 316 Jaw Slide 1 Set Screw   Part Number Tube(Outside Diameter) Weight (grams) 30080 19mm (3/4") 70 30081 22mm (7/8") 100 30082 25mm (1") 110   AISI..
Marine Top Caps
A I S I   3 1 6   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   T O P   F I T T I N G S Top Cap (End Cap)   Part Number Tube Pin Size Weight (grams) 30074-1 19mm (3/4") 6.35mm (1/4") 80 30074 22mm (7/8") 6.35mm (1/4") 110 ..
Option Marine Nylon Fittings
Our Option Marine brand nylon fittings are made in Australia from high grade materials to suit the harsh New Zealand environment.     Product Code Description  Length  Colour   OP 01  Bunji Loop 150mm  Black   OP 02 &nb..
Pad Eyes
3 1 6   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   P A D   E Y E S Eye Plate Part Number Diameter Length Width Weight(grams) Breaking Load (kgs) 69106 6mm 40 35 64 1000 69108 8mm 50 40 58 1600   Pad Eye ..
PVC Sail Track
PVC SAIL TRACK PVC SAIL Track Product Code Description Length (M)  Colour OP 61 Small Insert 2.95 White OP 61 B Small Insert 2.95 Black OP 62 Small Side Mount 2.95 White OP 62 B Small Side Mount 2.95 Black OP 63 Small Complete Sail Track ..
Rocket Launcher Base
3 1 6   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   R O C K E T   L A U N C H E R   B A S E Rocket Launcher with 4 Bolt Base   Part Number Size Thread 99030 80 x 60mm 8mm              ..
Round Rings
S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   R O U N D   R I N G S ROUND RINGS Part Number Size 65845 8mm x 45mm ..
Self Piercing Eyelets
E Z Y   P U N C H   E Y E L E T SSelf Piercing Eyelets and Washers NICKEL PLATED  EYELET & SPUR TOOTH WASHER Product Code ExternalDiameter (mm) InternalDiameter (mm) BarrelLength (mm) SP3-N 19.0 8.0 6.0 SP4-N 20.6 9.6 5.7 SP6-N..
Self Piercing Grommets with Washer
Stainless Steel Self Piercing Grommets with Spur Washers Size Inside Diameter Outer Diameter   #0 (1/4") (5/8") #1 (5/16") (13/16") #2 (3/8") (13/16") #4 (1/2) (1 1/16") Hand Setting dies # 0 - # 2 Grommets Hand Setting dies # 4 Grommets..
3 1 6   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   S H A C K L E S Forged D Shackleswith Captive Pin   Part Number Diameter Inside Width Inside Length Breaking Load (kgs) 23005 5mm 10mm 20mm 1000 23006 6mm 12mm 24mm 2300 23008 8mm ..
Snap Fasteners
SNAP FASTENERS CAP Product Code  COLOUR/FINISH SIZE   F.SAR Stainless   4.76mm (3/16)  F.SARL Stainless  6.35mm (1/4)  F.SCB  Black Matt/Urethane Brass  4.76mm (3/16) F.SCW White Enamel   4.76..
Snap Hooks
3 1 6   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L   S N A P   H O O K S Spring Gate Snap Hook   Part Number Length Width Breaking Load (kgs) 86001 50mm 25mm 220 86002 70mm 31mm 500   Snap Hooks   P..
Stainless Cam Lock
Cam Buckle Stainless steel 316 Cambuckle spring loaded  will hold tight until it is released, with improved grip on teeth to prevent slippage.  It takes a 1” webbing.  The cambuckle can be used for straps to tie down loads with its easy & quick release. Cam Buc..
Stayput Bungee Loop
The unique Stayput® design has many benefits. It is simple to install without the need for any special tools in varying thicknesses of fabric. With a large 22mm diameter backing plug and only needing a 6 mm hole for installation it has a greater contact area with the fabric virtually eliminatin..

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